2008 World Record Attempt


On April 5, 2008 Jared Isaacman and his team completed their second world record attempt. Although they did not break the record they had their sights on (breaking the 1991 world speed record for the higher category light jets), they successfully set 17 world records and raised over $60,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of New Jersey!


Claims have been submitted to the National Aero Association and FAI for the following records:


In order to achieve a record setting pace, we have plotted specific fuel destinations to ensure the least amount of time on the ground. Additionally, in order to prepare for this ground-breaking trip, our team has flown several long distance endurance flights and has carefully coordinated our rest times in order to maintain maximum alertness in the air. It also won’t hurt to have some Red Bull onboard!


  • World Speed Record:
  • 1. Speed Around the World Eastbound - VLJ

  • City to City Speed Records:
  • 2. KMMU to CYYT
  • 3. CYYT to LPLA
  • 4. LPLA to LETO
  • 5. LETO to LGKR
  • 6. LGKR to HELX
  • 7. HELX to OTBD
  • 8. OTBD to OPKC
  • 9. OPKC to VOMM
  • 10. VOMM to VTSP
  • 11. VTSP to WBSB
  • 12. WBSB to RPLB
  • 13. RPLB to ROAH
  • 14. ROAH to RJSA
  • 15. RJSA to UHPP
  • 16. KRNO to KMKC
  • 17. KMKC to KMMU




2008 ATTEMPT - BEGAN 4/2/08
This flight began and ended in Qatar, which is #7 on the above map.

Doha International Airport, Qatar (START, #7 on map)

Jinnah International Airport, Pakistan (849 nautical miles, #8 on map)

Chennai International Airport, India (1026 nautical miles, #9 on map)

 Phuket International Airport, Thailand (1110 nautical miles, #10 on map)

 Brunei International Airport, Brunei (1010 nautical miles, #11 on map)

 Subic Bay International Airport, Philippines (668 nautical miles, #12 on map)

 Naha Airport, Japan (798 nautical miles, #13 on map)

 Aomori Airport, Japan (1087 nautical miles, #14 on map)

 Yelizovo Airport, Russia (1039 nautical miles, #15 on map)

Ugolny Airport, Russia (911 nautical miles, #16 on map)
 Diverted to alternate airport, Adak, Alaska

 Adak Airport, Alaska, USA

 Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Alaska, USA (899 nautical miles, #17 on map)

 Dawson Creek Airport, Canada (985 nautical miles, #18 on map)

 Reno / Tahoe International Airport, Nevada, USA (975 nautical miles, #19 on map)

 Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport, Missouri, USA (1169 nautical miles, #20 on map)

 Morristown Municipal Airport, New Jersey, USA (934 nautical miles, #1 on map)

 St. Johns International Airport, Canada (1061 nautical miles, #2 on map)

 Lajes Airport, Portugal (1238 nautical miles, #3 on map)

 Torrejon Airport, Spain (1098 nautical miles, #4 on map)

 Corfu International Airport, Greece (1074 nautical miles, #5 on map)

 Luxor International Airport, Egypt (1054 nautical miles, #6 on map)

 Doha International Airport, Qatar (1023 nautical miles, #7 on map)


The Cessna Citation Mustang


The Cessna Citation Mustang is a "very light jet" (VLJ) class business jet built by Cessna Aircraft Company. The Citation Mustang is a breakthrough combination of power, speed and true jet affordability. State-of-the-art engines, rated at 1,460 pounds of thrust each, deliver speeds of up to 340 kts (391 mph) and climb to 41,000 feet.

The Citation Mustang incorporates integrated electronic systems for situational awareness, weather and winds previously unavailable to pilots and new generation engine automated through FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) to maintain engine efficiency. It features the latest in large-format glass-cockpit flight displays and integrated sensors provide unprecedented situational awareness for weather, traffic and terrain. Complete flight management functionality eases pilot workload and makes flying safe and simple.

Jared Isaacman, Pilot in Command

Jared Isaacman

Jared is the founder and CEO of two major banking companies; United Bank Card, a national credit card processor and United Cash Solutions, a national ATM sales and services company; he is also a strategic investor in 26 North Aviations, an aircraft management services company. Jared Isaacman owns and flies multiple aircraft including a Citation III, Citation Mustang, Beech Barron and the North American T-28C Trojan. Jared holds both the single pilot and crew jet type rating for the Citation Mustang being flown on this trip.


Shaun Leach

Shaun Leach

Shaun has professionally flown a variety of aircraft, including the Piper Cheyenne, Beechcraft King Airs, and Citation series. He has previously served as the Captain on a Citation III jet aircraft and is now a corporate pilot for United Bank Card and a Captain for 26 North Aviation.


Phil Adornato

Phil Adornato

Phil has been a professional flight instructor for a number of years, helping hundreds of students experience the thrills of flying... including Jared Isaacman. He presently serves as a corporate pilot for United Bank Card and a Pilot for 26 North Aviation.


Doug Demko

Doug Demko

Doug has been a professional flight instructor for a number of years as well as a Captain on Gulfstream II, Gulfstream III, Citation Mustang and Citation III jet aircraft. He presently serves as a corporate pilot for United Bank Card and an Assistant Chief Pilot and Captain for 26 North Aviation. Doug is a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach FL. In addition to flying, he enjoys skiing, snowboarding and motorcycling.


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